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Ordrar före 12:00 idag

Ordrar inom Sverige inlagda före 12:00 idag postas för att vara framme på måndag. Övriga ordrar postas för att vara framme på tisdag. Trevlig helg!

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Shop In Lapland, Gammelstad Luleå ny återförsäljare

Det är fantastiskt roligt kunna presentera Shop In Lapland som återförsäljare av parfymen. Shop In Lapland hittar ni i Gammelstad utanför Luleå. De är en butik med webshop som säljer presenter och gåvor från Norrbotten.

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Söker fler butiker som återförsäljare

Nu söker vi fler butiker som återförsäljare av parfymen. Om ni tror att parfymen passar in i ert nuvarande sortiment, tveka inte att kontakta oss. E-posta till Contact at .

Produkter påväg in

Inom kort är webbshoppen fylld igen. Produkterna är påväg in och beräknas bara framme om ca 4 dagar.

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Intervju av The Olfactive

Idag har jag blivit intervjuad av den internationella webbsida The Olfactive. Läs början av intervjun nedan och HELA  intervjun  på  linken här.  

Interview with 

Eva Henriksson

What is your back ground and history?

I was born in an entrepreneurial family in northern part of Sweden, in a little village called Älvsbyn. Right through the village is the clear water river Piteälven. A river that lives its own life, depending on the season. Älvsbyn in English is River Village. Looking at statistics from 2014, Älvsbyn had 8 224 habitants and 1 535 registered companies. This is one company per 5,4 habitants. So having a company, doing business and an open mind to entrepreneurial ideas has always been natural to me. It is not always an easy way of living, but somehow the mind is set from childhood to test and try chances, dreams and opportunities that comes along the way.

I grew up in a baker family. I have always smelled, and tasted bred and fine bread. In bread the spices are very important as well as yeast and flour. Just by smelling bread I can tell what is will taste like. This might be the reason why I find scents exciting!

Have you always had an interest in scent and fragrance?

No I have not. But not for the reason that took s did not like fragrances. Perfume and fragrances where not a big part of my life during the childhood. The interest has grown when I had the opportunity to go to flight shops and spend “hours” of testing when waiting for flights in my job. I took a Masters in International Marketing and a Bachelor in Financials in late 1990´ at the Luleå Technical University and graduated in year 2000, 30 years old. I have now been working for a mining/smelter company for more than 10 years and in that job as Market analyst/Business Intelligence have had many hours spend at airports. For me a perfume is not only the scent and the components of the fragrance. It is also the bottle, colors, box and text. It is the whole package that will sell a product. No matter if I only love to design boxes to perfumes or create a perfect scent, it will not sell without the whole package.

How did you first start becoming involved in the perfume world?

The very first scent that was given to me was a box with Jane Hellen products in 1983, if I remember correctly. I was 13 years. My uncle Stellan gave a box to me and a box to my twin sister. This is the first memory I have of having a scent at all. However, being involved in the perfume world has started this late winter when I created my first scent; Scent of Aurora. Sourcing the best production plant for my start was the first time I had to do with people within the industry. This world is all new to me. There is a lot to learn and I look so much forward to it.

Tells us about your brands theme and character.

When you give me this question I know I have to hold back, I can talk for hours! First of all, I have chosen to call the brand NorraNorrland. This is actually two words in Swedish “Norra Norrland” or Northern Northland. Norther Northland is the two most northern landscapes or “states” in Sweden. I was born in the most northern and today I live in the second most northern. So, the brand is connected to the area where I was born and where I live.

The name Scent of Aurora comes from the Nordic light, Aurora Borealis. The beautiful and sparkling light that travels over the night sky wintertime. I recommend every person who has not seen the Nordic light in Norther Sweden to do it at least once in a lifetime. On rare occasions there is also a sparkle that can be heard! Since I want to capture the norther part of Sweden in my brand, I have also added two extra illustrative in the bottle; 24K gold and red small glass pearls.

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